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Post Holiday Clean Up & Organizing Made Easy

Updated: Mar 22

December 26th is a mix of peace and blues. On one hand there is no more hustle and bustle, yet on the other hand the magic is over. And now it's time to clean it all up. I'm sharing my five favorite organizing products to make your post-holiday clean up a breeze.

1. Ornament storage box with divider trays: I love these because the trays slide out, making it snappy to not only put away, but to take out next season. These are especially helpful for storing the fragile glass ornaments and bulbs.

2. Wreath Storage Bag: Wreath bags are such an inexpensive and useful solution. I use these for storing Christmas wreaths, along with seasonal wreaths. Extra tip: If you've got vertical wall space, use Command Hooks to hang your wreath bags by the handles.

3. Iris craft & 5x7 photo box: This box is perfect for Christmas card storage. The mini boxes within the big box can hold up to a single year worth of cards, depending on how many you choose to keep.

4. Holiday Light Reels + Storage Bag: Easy to pack and easy to unpack. And no tangling. You'll be patting yourself on the back in 2021 when it comes time to put up your Christmas lights.

5. Zober Holiday Wrap StorageBox: This box is perfect for storing wrapping paper, including the longer rolls. There are pockets for storing bows and bags too. Extra tip: Need more space? Store the rest of your holiday gift bags in a simple oversized storage tote, like this one from Rubbermaid. I group them by size and file them in the tote. This simple gift bag storage solution has not failed me to-date.

Now pour yourself one more cup of eggnog and get to work!

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