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Ten Flush Mount Lights Under $150

Updated: Apr 4

Decorating your home is more than just the furniture and the art on the wall, it includes the lighting. Lighting can add not only brightness but character to your home. If you're interested in sprucing up your home, or searching for the perfect ceiling light, here are 10 flush mount lights that cost less than $150. Now that's a deal!

  1. Natoas 3 - Light 12.6'' Caged Bowl Flush Mount, Wayfair

  2. Lydia 10" Flush Mount,

  3. Lizzie 11" Flush Mount,

  4. Taloya Blue Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Amazon

  5. Rattan Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light in White, Amazon

  6. Golden Lighting Duncan 2 Light Flush Mount in Blue,

  7. Modern Rattan & Fabric Double Drum Light,

  8. Sierra Woven Flush Mount Light, Urban Outfitters

  9. Mid Century Modern Flush Mount with Silk Shade, Yii Lighting

  10. Capiz Petal Flush Mount Light, World Market

What are some of your favorite lights out there? Feel free to share below.

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