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5 Tips to Decorate Your Shelving

Updated: Apr 4

Do you have stand alone shelving or built-in shelving in your home? They can be useful for storage and they can also be clutter catchers. To avoid them becoming clutter catchers, style them in a way that tells the story of you and your home.

Here are five tips for creating and curating beautiful shelving spaces:

1.Frame and display special photos

Curate photos from milestone moments, vacations and special people in your life. Let the pictures on your shelving should tell the story of the people that fill your home and your lives.

2. Add mementos from your journeys or special places in your life

Do you have a favorite vacation destination? Or have you traveled to some special places that have meaning to you? Display the mementos from your travels or even a framed print or photo book from that destination.

3. Add books you love

Books can fill shelves. Instead of keeping them all, keep the ones that are your favorite or carry a form of meaning. Group them together with book ends or stack a few together.

4. Mix heights, widths, and textures of decor

Add some decor into the mix. Consider adding some taller vases, a wide bowl, and perhaps a textured basket. Blending a variety of colors and textures provides depth and some character on the shelving. Avoid adding too many patterns, as it may become visually overwhelming.

5. Use baskets and simple boxes to store items

Natural baskets made of seagrass or woven material can be great for storage, and catching/hiding smaller items.

On bottom shelving, they could be used for baskets or kids books. Wooden, cane or rattan boxes are nice for shelving. Use them to store cords, wires and remote controls. We use these types of boxes to hide speaker and TV wires that often run along the wall into built-in shelving.

There is no wrong way to style your shelving. Try to pick a few things you love and start there, adding on as see fit. Have fun with it!

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