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January Jumpstart

Updated: Mar 22

Feeling like the post-holiday magic is now piles of overwhelming stuff? I'm here to help.

Sometimes you just need a jumpstart to get going. Small, achievable tasks can give you the motivation to keep going. You just need to JUST BEGIN.

If you're a box checker or need some form of accountability, The Lighter Home's January Jumpstart is perfect for you! January Jumpstart is a simple BINGO card containing areas of your home to declutter and organize. No order is required, and if you've already done the task -- mark it as complete! Easy win.

Simply download and print your own January Jumpstart card here and get started today.

Download here:

January Jumpstart
Download PDF • 140KB

Whether it's January 2nd or January 27th, it's never too late!

Do what you can and feel good about it.


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