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Feeling Stressed? Organize Something.

Living our lives in the isolation of quarantine, many us are struggling to keep focused and feel good about ourselves. Sometimes the days pass, and we wonder “what did I even do today?” Everything in our lives seems somewhat undone or unfinished. And we’re lacking control. If you’re feeling that way, it’s okay. If you’re feeling like you’re ready to break free, can I offer a solution? Pick an organization project in your home and tackle it.

It is true, organizing relieves stress because it allows you to have control. Plus, in the process you’ve tidied something that was likely cluttered. And clutter creates stress.

If you’re still following me, and you’re game to organize here’s where to start:

1. Organize something a small space, such as:

  • Junk drawer

  • Medicine cabinet

  • Sock drawer

2. Move to a middle effort project, such as:

  • Pantry

  • Bookshelf

  • Under the kitchen sink

3. Tackle a larger project (these are also more rewarding projects), such as:

  • Master closet

  • Mudroom

  • Playroom

When you’re working through these projects, make sure you’re well fed and hydrated — this is going to keep you motivated. Arm yourself with trash bags or boxes for your discards and donations, and a roll of paper towels and cleaner to wipe down drawers and surfaces. Put on some good music and set a timer for yourself. When allotting time, I always recommend adding an extra 15-30 minutes to account for cleanup. Oh, and be sure to take a “before” and “after” photo so you can pat yourself on the back and perhaps brag a bit! I bet your friends on social media will be impressed — and you should be too!

Want more easy tips on how to organize your home and life? Be sure to read The Lighter Home’s blog and follow The Lighter Home for regular inspiration on Instagram.

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