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The Lighter Home: Where Home Organization Meets Life

Oh, hey! I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to The Lighter Home blog. Organizing is a personal passion of mine and through this blog and my services, I hope that I can offer others simple solutions and hacks to make their lives a little “lighter.”

Hustle + Organization = The Lighter Home

You may be asking — who is this person? And what’s she all about? I’d be asking the same thing, so let me introduce myself. I’m Michelle, and I live a wonderfully full (aka busy) life with my two young daughters and on-the-go-always husband. We are both Type A go-getters who have corporate backgrounds and lots of passion about the work we do. A few years back, I traded in my corporate card for a “slower” life with the girls and a double-sided list of to-do projects which accumulated over the years. Fast forward two years later, I learned that “slow” is not my speed, but organizing certainly is, and why I founded my home organization business, The Lighter Home.

Life Happens. No Judgment Here

Kids room organization
Kids can be messy (understatement of the year)

I’m the oddball in my family. My kids and husband are messy. I’m not. There are days when my house does not look like a home organizer’s home probably should look. Some days I may raise my voice a bit louder than I should (work in progress), but I work to embrace it by finding systems that work for my messy brood. With that said, I understand that life happens and there are often not enough hours in a day. Having limited time means our organizing projects must be prioritized: sometimes the piles are made, and our belongings get shoved in drawers and closets (to be revisited later). And that’s okay! My hope is that I can offer services and solutions via my blog that anyone can implement and maintain (for more than one day)!

Making it Worth Your Time

I appreciate that your time is valuable! My goal for this blog is to offer quick bits of practical information on the topic of organization (mostly home, as well as work and life). You can count on scannable tips, lists and solutions that you can easily apply on your own. So, please come along for the read!

Off We Go! Thanks, and Follow Along

I’m so glad you’re here! If you’re interested in my services, contact me! I’m currently serving the Boston metro-west area, including Acton, Boxborough, Concord, Littleton, Westford, Groton, Sudbury, Lincoln, Lexington, Winchester and beyond. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @thelighterhome

Yours in Organizing! - Michelle

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