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The Best Organizing Gadgets & Gizmos

Updated: Apr 4

If you hire me to help organize or style your home, you will quickly see that I come prepared. Many have asked me "what's in your tool kit?". After enough questions, I figured why not share? I mean sharing is caring. Am I right?

Below are some of my favorite (and budget-friendly) tools and gadgets that everyone should have in their home. You can order them on Amazon. I've included my affiliate links below.

1. Oversized Bag: This bag is super cost effective and versatile. It can be used for work, groceries, the beach or even on the soccer fields. Shout out to my soccer moms! It fits all of my work products neatly and is convenient to sling over my shoulder and go.

2. Linen Spray: I just love this stuff. I sprinkle it on like glitter. Really, whenever I stage a home I like to give a good spritz to refresh the space. Fresh cotton is my favorite scent.

3. Thumb Scraper: Those pesky stick-on price tags are a nuisance. Fortunately, these thumb scrapers do the trick in easily removing them. I'm a HomeGoods addict, and therefore my thumb scraper is a must-have to remove those annoying sticker price tags. If you shop at HomeGoods, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

4. Command Strips: This might be my #1 staging tool. These guys are perfect for hanging wall art. Also, shout out to Command Hooks which are great for hanging anything that should not be on the floor -- dog leashes, robes, bath towels, hats, and more.

5. Goo Gone On-The-Go: Pair this with #3 - the Thumb Scraper - and you are golden. Honestly, this little guy is great for a tool box or a utility (aka junk) drawer. Buy one. It's worth it.

6. Laser Level: Anyone decorating or DIYing, should have a laser level. It's perfect for hanging pictures, shelves, curtain rods, and more. This Black and Decker one is super reasonably priced.

Now that you have all of my trade secrets, go on and do big things. Or, at least hang the pictures in your home straight!

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