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Paper Organization Solutions for Ewww…Tax Season

Updated: Apr 4

How is it that tax day always sneaks up? We start to collect tax documents in January, and then bam! it’s March, or worse April 14th….

While I am not an accountant, I am an organizer. And organization is one of the most important things you can do to stay on top of your taxes. I’m offering both 3 paper organizing tips and 5 organization products to make managing paperwork easier.

3 Tips To Organize Paperwork

1. Open all mail immediately, and sort into to-do, file, shred folders.

2. Create file folders and file them with the most frequently accessed in the front compartment of a filing cabinet

3. Revisit your files once per year; purge papers that have expired. January or February is the ideal time for this! The graphic above provides a guide to how long to keep documents.

5 Top Products to Organize Papers

1. Wall Mounted Paper Organizer: Having a simple day-to-day organizer to file away papers as they come in is a solution everyone should have. I love this gold paper organizer, it’s not only super cute but can be either wall mounted or stand on your desk. Store your to-do, file, shred papers here.

2. Fun File Folders: If you’re going to have a cute paper organizer, pair it will cute file folders. There are so many options — floral, striped, polka dot and more. I love these.

3. Oversized Filing Box: I love this oversized file box for papers because it’s air tight. It’s great for transporting or storing papers in basements or attics. I personally love it for filing away my kids school papers from each grade year.

4. Magazine File Folders: Magazine file folders are great for easy access to papers or literature. I store printer paper, envelope labels and reference literature in mine.

5. Compact Cross Cut Shredder: Shredders are a necessity, especially to keep your personal information safe. This simple shredder from Amazon Basics is a top value solution for every day mail and can be stored easily underneath your desk.

And now you’re off to sort, file, purge, shred! Wishing you a painless and refund-filled tax season.

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