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Organizing Products for Busy Families

Life with a family is a juggling act, especially in 2020. As a small business owner with two active elementary aged kids, I totally get it. As I reflect back on what's worked to create order in our household (and what hasn't), I've found a few simple solutions that have stood the test two high energy kids and 1 busy pup. Are you curious as to what works?

Here's are some of my favorite Organization Products for Busy Families

1. 9 Cube Storage Organizer: Especially in the winter, this is a gift. Everyone has their spot to put their hats, gloves and gear. Oh and toys! Designate by labeling each bin by person or type, and everything has a home. And, there's no excuse why it can't be put back!

2. Refrigerator Bins: Store healthy snacks together in your fridge to that your kids can grab in go. They are slim enough that you can store at least three on a shelf making them a perfect mini mart for grabbing cut up fruit a, cheese sticks, and squeeze pouches.

3. Zip Reusable Storage Bags: These clear zip bags are perfect to save space when storing games, markers and crayons and even "reading bags" to engage kids on long car rides. Trade your bulky cardboard boxes for slim storage bags!

4. Pencil Cases/Mask Bags: The pencil case turned dirty-clean mask bag is one of my favorite creations of 2020. Keep your masks clean and separated by using the back pocket for clean, and front for storage.

5. 3-Tier Storage Cart: This is a great solution for remote learning. Store your writing utensils, art supplies, paper, notebooks, and more all in one place. And when you need to move, it moves with you. Now that's beautiful!

6. Label maker for all the things: Life is more orderly when labeled! Investing in a simple label maker, like this Brother P-touch, will be worth the small expense. Labels can be applied to just about anything...maybe except your dog (this has been tried by someone in my house).

While all of these products are highly recommended, you can also help manage order by simply reducing what you buy and keep. Keep the things that are useful and bring your family happiness, and pass forward the things you've outgrown or are "saving for someday". By doing so, you'll save time and money, and wouldn't we all like more of those two things in 2021!

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