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Your Guide to Professionally Organized Drawers

Updated: Apr 5

Some of the simplest organization solutions are the best ones. I've found this true when it comes to organizing drawers in any room of a home.

If you're looking for the silver bullet solution to taming a messy drawer, I have a few recommendations but they come with some homework. Before you can install an organization system, such as a drawer divider or insert, you MUST purge and sort.

What do I mean by that?

Purge: Take out EVERYTHING occupying the drawer, and then part ways with the trash, items no longer needed, and things that simply don't belong in that drawer (i.e. the pen in the cutlery drawer).

Sort: Once you've purged, group your like-items into categories. For instance, if you're organizing your sock drawer put together low cut athletic socks, then dress socks, and lastly heavy weight/ski socks.

Now, you're ready to install your drawer system and put everything back in. I've worked with many different drawer organization systems and I am sharing my top 5 favorite based on their purpose.

TIP: Before you buy a drawer system be sure to measure, measure, measure. Trust me.

The Lighter Home's Top 5 Drawer Organizers

These are my favorite, especially for socks and undergarments. They also work well in t-shirt drawers to keep the t-shirts from blending together. Runner up: Cut and Fit Drawer Dividers -- these are especially great for socks and underwear (and you can kinda get away with not folding socks or underwear with this system...I don't support this behavior, but just cluing you in).

I love this insert because it's adjustable and has the perfect little compartments for pens, scissors, paper clips and all the stuff.

3. Cooking utensil drawer: iDesign Acrylic Modular Inserts

These are great because you can "make your own drawer". When choosing which modular compartments you need, think about your like items that you'll put together. For instance, lump together baking tools, then cooking, and then measuring. The square shape modular insert is great for the smaller odd size items like the measuring cups and spoons. Oh, did I mention these inserts are also great for junk drawers!

4. Cutlery drawer: Madesmart Silverware Tray

This basic insert keeps it simple with spots for teaspoons, tablespoons, salad forks, dinner forks, knives, as well as smaller items (think kid utensils). I like this tray because it's super easy to clean out, which is important because let's face it, crumbs seem to find their way in. The tray comes in three sizes: mini, small, and large.

5. Extra long drawers: Rapturous Deep Drawer Dividers

If you have extra long drawers, I found these great drawer dividers on Amazon. They adjust up to the desired length (up to 22 inches deep) and click in place. Bonus: they come in a pack of 3!

These simple systems will last forever. Take organizing one drawer at a time, and you'll feel rewarded!

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